Office Blues Begone! Pothos Power: Thrive Under Artificial Lights & Boost Your Mood!

I’ve come to realize that adding a touch of greenery to an office not only livens up the space but can also boost our mood and productivity.

In case you were wondering “can pothos grow in office light?”, the answer is resounding yes!

Pothos plants, with their attractive trailing vines, are particularly well-suited for office environments. They’re adaptable and can thrive even in the lower light conditions typically found in office settings.

The fluorescent lighting that’s common in such spaces is actually within the spectrum of light that pothos can use for photosynthesis, making them ideal office companions.

Let’s explore the topic further!

Key Takeaways

  • Pothos are highly adaptable to office light conditions.
  • Extra grow lighting can be used if the office lighting is not enough.
  • These plants are low-maintenance and ideal for busy workspaces.

Optimizing Pothos Health in Office Environments

Pothos plant in a container inside an office

To keep your office pothos thriving, it’s crucial to understand their light requirements, find the optimal location, and preempt common issues.

Understanding Light Requirements

Pothos plants perform well under the fluorescent light commonly found in offices.

However, it’s important to provide full-spectrum lighting for these tropical plants, as it closely mimics the effects of sunlight, promoting effective photosynthesis and steady growth.

Choosing the Right Spot

Pothos plant on a work desk

Finding the right spot for your pothos in the office is about striking a balance. Bright, indirect light is the sweet spot for most varieties.

Place your plant near an office window with indirect sunlight; a north or east-facing window is usually ideal.

If windows aren’t an option, position your pothos a few feet away from a full-spectrum artificial light source to prevent leaf scorch or sunburn. Placing them further may impact their growth as the plants will not get enough light.

Keep in mind that variegated pothos, such as NJoy Pothos or Manjula Pothos, require more light to maintain their variegation. It means that for these varieties, you need to find brighter source of light or place them closer to an existing source.

Preventing Common Issues

pothos with a brown leaf

To avoid issues like overheating, root rot, or stunted growth like on the photo above, careful watering practices are a must. It is very easy to overwater a pothos plant in the unsufficient light conditions.

I recommend to the same approach as for pothos winter watering; read the post for more details including how to conduct a finger test to detect whether a pothos plant needs to be watered.

Ensure your pothos isn’t too close to heating vents or in the path of direct airflow, as this could cause rapid soil drying or temperature fluctuations.

Select shade-resistant types such as Cebu Blue or Jade Pothos, which are less demanding in low-light conditions. For an array of other plants that look like pothos that you can choose from to enhance your office environment, explore these versatile options.

Enhancing Office Light for Pothos Growth

Pothos and grow light

If you’re like me, you want your office pothos to thrive, even in less-than-ideal lighting.

Fluorescent lights, common in offices, offer a decent amount of light intensity. Keep your pothos close to these lights can enhance its growth. You might even find a lux meter helpful to measure light levels, ensuring they’re adequate for your plants.

If you see that your pothos plants have issues like leggy growth, I recommend exploring grow lights as a supplemental solution. For instance, LED grow lights can mimic full spectrum sunlight which is beneficial to your pothos.

Here are the other tips to make your pothos thrive in the office:

  • Rotate your plant regularly to ensure even exposure. This prevents the one-sided growth I’ve seen too often.
  • If your pothos has variegated leaves, like the Marble Queen or Golden Pothos, they require more light. So, placing them in spots with better light pays off.
  • For Jade Pothos or Neon Pothos, which can handle lower light, ensure they still get the intensity they need to prevent a single vine from dominating, a sign of insufficient light, detailed in tips on managing a lone pothos vine.

Strategically using curtains can also manage light levels. For those with windows that receive direct sunlight, a sheer curtain diffuses light to a gentle level, protecting the pothos leaves from burn.

Remember, indoor plants like pothos adapt, but we should help them along. With these gardening tips, even an office environment can become a haven for a flourishing pothos.

Benefits of Growing Pothos in Office

Pothos plant in a yellow plastic container inside the office

When I first brought a pothos into my office, the environment transformed. Not only did the greenery add a touch of aesthetics to my workspace, but it also introduced a range of unexpected benefits.

Here’s why I think pothos are perfect as office plants:

  • Air Quality Improvement: Pothos are renowned for their ability to purify the air. NASA even conducted an experiment confirming that. The plants work silently to absorb toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, which can improve the overall air quality in our office space.
  • Mental Health Booster: There’s something inherently calming about having a living plant nearby. My pothos helps reduce stress and fosters a peaceful ambiance that contributes to mental well-being. It feels like a little piece of nature, aiding my concentration and productivity.
  • Low Light Tolerance: Offices aren’t always blessed with natural light, but pothos aren’t fussy. They can flourish under fluorescent light, making them adaptable companions for our often artificially lit workspaces.

  • Easy to Grow: I find pothos plants incredibly easy to care for. They don’t demand much attention, so even on the busiest days, I don’t have to worry about them. Their resilience and low maintenance make them suited to the various conditions of an office environment.

  • Decorative Versatility: Pothos plants add a decorative touch with their trailing vines, and they can fit almost anywhere – on a desk, a shelf, or even hanging from the ceiling. It’s fun to get creative with how they’re displayed.

Incorporating pothos as an indoor plant in my office didn’t just liven up my desk; it enhanced my day-to-day work life.


I’ve discovered that Pothos plants are indeed suitable for office environments. They have a remarkable tolerance for less-than-ideal lighting conditions, including the fluorescent light commonly found in offices.

Here’s a quick recap of key points to remember:

  • Bright Indirect Light: Pothos plants prosper in bright, indirect light, but they don’t require it to survive.
  • Adaptable to Low Light: If the natural light in the office is inadequate, fluorescent light can compensate, enabling Pothos to maintain growth.
  • Growth & Appearance: While they can grow in low light, keep in mind that more intense light may be necessary to preserve their lush, variegated leaves.

By leveraging their flexibility, I enhance my workspace with a touch of greenery. It’s clear that with a Pothos on my desk or near a window, I can enjoy their beauty without worrying about maintaining perfect lighting conditions.


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