Will Your Pothos Ever Grow Again After You Cut It? (Spoiler: It Can!)

Will Pothos Still Grow After Cutting? Understanding Regrowth Dynamics

Many indoor gardening enthusiasts often ask if their pothos plants will continue to grow after being trimmed. My experience has shown that pothos plants can indeed regrow after cutting. Whether you’re pruning to control size, improve the plant’s shape, or propagate new plants, pothos show resilience and an ability to bounce back with proper care. … Read more

Do Pothos Like Deep Pots? The Pot Shape Secret to Thrive Your Leafy Friend!

pothos in well-rounded and deep pots

When considering the ideal pot for my pothos plants, I always take into account the specific needs of their root systems. As I’ve nurtured pothos over the years, it’s become evident that they’re quite adaptable regarding their container. However, their health and vigor can be affected by the shape of the pot. Unlike some houseplants, … Read more

Ready for Lush Growth? When to FINALLY Pot Your Rooted Pothos Cuttings!

Propagating pothos plants is a rewarding and simple way to multiply my favorite foliage. As an easy-to-grow household plant, pothos thrives with little care. When I’ve successfully rooted pothos cuttings in water or other medium such as paper towels, the next important step is to establish them in soil to continue their growth. The rooted … Read more

Is Your Pothos Root System Drowning?! The Secret to Unlocking Thriving Roots

roots of pothos

The pothos plant, a common sight in homes for its low-maintenance care and aesthetic appeal, possesses a versatile root system that is essential to its growth and health. While this plant develops aerial roots aiding in climbing and adherence to supports, my focus here lies on the roots that grow within the soil. These below-ground … Read more

Pothos Red Leaf Alert! The Truth Behind the Myth (and How to Avoid Painted Plant Peril)

plant with red leaves that look like pothos

In the vibrant universe of houseplants, pothos stands out for its easy care and beautiful variegated green leaves. However, some people believe that these resilient plants can also boast red leaves. It is a misconception. In this article, we delve into the reasons behind this misconception and why, in reality, pothos plants do not naturally … Read more

Unleash Your Inner Plant Whisperer: How to Magically Multiply Your Pothos (Even As a Beginner!)

many pothos plants on windowstill

Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a popular houseplant well-loved for its hardiness and ease of care. Apart from that, pothos also has a simple yet fascinating mode of reproduction. In their natural habitat, pothos plants can be grown by seeds produced by flowers, but these flowers almost never appear on indoor plants. Instead, … Read more

Does Pothos Like Misting? Unveiling Humidity Preferences for Thriving Plants

misting pothos

Misting houseplants is a topic of some debate among plant enthusiasts, and the pothos plant is often at the center of this conversation due to its popularity. As a tropical plant, pothos do enjoy a certain level of humidity which mimics their natural rainforest habitat. While misting can offer a quick humidity boost, it is … Read more

Pothos vs Snake Plant Showdown: Which Plant Will Win Your Heart (and Survive Your Neglect)?

Pothos vs Snake plant

When it comes to decorating spaces with houseplants, two varieties often come to mind: pothos and snake plants. The versatility of pothos, with its trailing vines and heart-shaped leaves, provides an excellent option for hanging baskets or high shelves, where its foliage can cascade gracefully. In contrast, the snake plant, known for its upright, sword-shaped … Read more

Pothos Paradise: Grow in Water or Soil? Dive into the Secret Garden of Your Plant’s Dreams!

pothos in soil - pothos in water

Growing pothos plants offers flexibility not found in many other houseplants, making them a favorite among both beginner and experienced plant enthusiasts. I’ve found that pothos can thrive in water, a method that allows you to observe the fascinating development of roots directly. Conversely, growing them in soil is the traditional route and can provide … Read more

Don’t Let Your Pothos Party Poop! Revive Wilting Cuttings & Multiply Your Indoor Jungle!

pothos propagation wilting

When propagating pothos, it’s not uncommon to encounter the problem of wilting cuttings, an issue that can dishearten even the most enthusiastic gardeners. I know from experience that noticing the once vibrant leaves drooping can be alarming. However, after understanding that this might be due to a range of factors such as improper water balance, … Read more