Golden Pothos Winter Care: Tips for Thriving Houseplants

As a lover of indoor plants, I understand the challenge of keeping them healthy through the colder darker months.

Golden pothos, with their cascading vines and heart-shaped leaves, are a popular choice for adding a splash of green indoors. When winter arrives, these tropical natives need specific care to maintain their vibrant foliage.

Golden pothos in a terracotta planter

They’re not fans of the cold and darkness, and since I want my golden pothos to thrive, I make sure to adjust their care routine as the winter arrives.

In my experience, winter care for golden pothos doesn’t have to be complicated.

Ensuring they have the right amount of light and warmth, tweaking the watering schedule, and avoiding cold drafts goes a long way. It’s satisfying to see them continue to grow, even when it’s freezing outside.

With a few key adjustments, you can ensure your golden pothos remains a luscious and lively part of your indoor garden until spring returns.

Key Takeaways

  • Proper winter care is crucial for the health of golden pothos.
  • Adjusting light, water, and temperature helps golden pothos survive winter.
  • Even in dakest months, golden pothos can grow with the right care.

Fundamental Winter Care for Golden Pothos

During winter, providing your golden pothos with the right care is crucial.

I pay extra attention to watering habits, maintain a stable temperature and humidity, and ensure adequate lighting to keep the plant healthy.

Proper Watering Techniques

my soil moisture meter with my pothos plant
My soil moisture meter with one of my Golden Pothos plants.

In the colder months, I make sure to reduce the frequency of watering my golden pothos since the plant’s growth slows down and it needs less water.

I always use a soil moisture meter; if it shows 6-7 or below, then it’s time to water.

I’m careful not to overwater, especially in small pots, as it’s easy to waterlog the plant, leading to root rot. I found that a well-draining pot with proper aeration helps prevent this issue.

Optimal Temperature and Humidity

Pothos plant in a pebble tray

I keep my golden pothos in a room where the temperature stays above 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celcius) to prevent cold shock.

I avoid placing the plant near cold drafts, such as open windows or balcony doors, during the winter months.

For humidity, instead of misting, which can lead to fungal issues, I use a pebble tray with water placed beneath the plant. This approach increases humidity around the plant without making the leaves wet.

Light and Placement

Golden pothos and grow light
Golden Pothos plant and a grow light

Light is essential for retaining the golden pothos’s variegation. Inadequate light during the winter can cause the leaves to revert to green.

I either place my plant in a spot with bright, indirect light or supplement with a grow light.

I’ve discovered that using grow lights is particularly helpful to compensate for the lack of sunlight during shorter days. This ensures my golden pothos stays vibrant and healthy throughout the winter.

Maintaining Golden Pothos Health During Winter

A healthy Golden pothos plant in a white planter

As winter approaches, caring for a golden pothos requires certain adjustments to ensure it stays healthy apart from watering and lighting.

It’s also essential to maintain an appropriate fertilization schedule or stop fertilization at all, be proactive about pest management, and avoid pruning.


In the chill of winter, my golden pothos often takes a break from growth. I only fertilize if I notice new leaves sprouting, which signifies active growth.

If that’s the case, I’ll fertilize once every 3-4 weeks, half as often as I would during the sunny summer months.

When I use grow lights and my pothos continues to demonstrate growth, I stick to the regular fertilizing schedule, similar to summer care.

Pest Prevention and Treatment

During winter, pests can be an issue, so I’m always vigilant.

I’ve found that a gentle shower does wonders for increasing humidity and washing away potential pests.

I also utilize grow lights for their UV rays, which doubles as a pest control measure and a source of light for my plant.


Contradictory to the popular belief that pruning is always helpful, I resist the urge to prune my pothos in winter.

Since it enters a dormant stage and is not actively growing, pruning can be more stressful than beneficial. I focus on removing only the dead or dying leaves to keep the plant tidy and healthy.


golden pothos humidity and temperature
Golden Pothos humidity and temperature

In caring for golden pothos during the winter, I’ve learned to ensure the plant remains in a warm environment, as they are tropical in nature.

I keep mine away from cold drafts and have found that a bright window, yet not too close to the glass, is ideal for them to thrive—about 3 feet (1.5 m) is a good rule of thumb.

I’ve also picked up the habit of using a mild fertilizer during the plant’s growing months, but in winter, I taper off to prevent overfeeding. Fertilization is crucial during spring and summer, but less so when growth slows down. I do it only if I see that my Golden Pothos plants are growing and not dormant.

Lastly, maintaining typical room temperature and ensuring that humidity levels are comfortable not just for the pothos but also for my living space has helped avoid issues like mold. I monitor the humidity and use a dehumidifier when necessary.

Maintaining these simple care steps, I’ve been able to keep my pothos plants healthy and vigorous throughout the cooler months. It’s a delightful and easy-to-care-for plant that brings a touch of the tropics to my indoor space year-round.


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