Ready for Lush Growth? When to FINALLY Pot Your Rooted Pothos Cuttings!

Propagating pothos plants is a rewarding and simple way to multiply my favorite foliage. As an easy-to-grow household plant, pothos thrives with little care. When I’ve successfully rooted pothos cuttings in water or other medium such as paper towels, the next important step is to establish them in soil to continue their growth. The rooted … Read more

Unleash Your Inner Plant Whisperer: How to Magically Multiply Your Pothos (Even As a Beginner!)

many pothos plants on windowstill

Pothos, also known as Devil’s Ivy, is a popular houseplant well-loved for its hardiness and ease of care. Apart from that, pothos also has a simple yet fascinating mode of reproduction. In their natural habitat, pothos plants can be grown by seeds produced by flowers, but these flowers almost never appear on indoor plants. Instead, … Read more

Don’t Let Your Pothos Party Poop! Revive Wilting Cuttings & Multiply Your Indoor Jungle!

pothos propagation wilting

When propagating pothos, it’s not uncommon to encounter the problem of wilting cuttings, an issue that can dishearten even the most enthusiastic gardeners. I know from experience that noticing the once vibrant leaves drooping can be alarming. However, after understanding that this might be due to a range of factors such as improper water balance, … Read more

Pothos Party Time! Root Your Plant Cuttings with Just a Wet Paper Towel!

Can Pothos Root with Wet Paper Towel? Uncover the Magic of Plant Propagation and Engage Kids in a Growing Adventure!

I’ve often been asked if you can propagate pothos plants using a wet paper towel. The answer is yes, this method is indeed possible and quite effective for rooting pothos cuttings. In my experience, using a wet paper towel has several advantages. It’s a clean method, reduces the risk of soil-borne diseases during the sensitive … Read more

Can You Propagate a Single Pothos Leaf? The Surprising Truth About Free Plants!

pothos - single leaf

Ever looked at a pothos and wanted more plants for free? Propagation is your answer, but can you use just a leaf? The short answer is no. Let’s explore why and how to propagate pothos correctly. Key Takeaways Understanding Pothos Propagation: The Role of Nodes Pothos plants, prized for their easiness to care for, are … Read more