Pothos Party Time! Root Your Plant Cuttings with Just a Wet Paper Towel!

Can Pothos Root with Wet Paper Towel? Uncover the Magic of Plant Propagation and Engage Kids in a Growing Adventure!

I’ve often been asked if you can propagate pothos plants using a wet paper towel. The answer is yes, this method is indeed possible and quite effective for rooting pothos cuttings. In my experience, using a wet paper towel has several advantages. It’s a clean method, reduces the risk of soil-borne diseases during the sensitive … Read more

The Hidden Reason You See Your Pothos Roots Above Soil (This Could Save Its Life!)

pothos roots above soil

Pothos, a popular houseplant known for its hardiness and lush foliage, possesses a fascinating root system comprised of two distinct types: aerial and terrestrial (regular) roots. Aerial roots grow above the soil, allowing the plant to climb and absorb moisture from the air. In contrast, regular roots are typically found beneath the soil’s surface, anchoring … Read more

Brown Roots in Your Pothos Paradise? Fear Not! The Cure is Crystal Clear (and Watery)!

Why Are My Pothos Roots Brown in Water? Uncovering Root Health Issues

When cultivating pothos plants in water, encountering brown roots can be a cause for concern. Typically, brown roots result from problems like water quality or the presence of pathogens. Being vigilant about the condition of your pothos roots, especially when trying hydroponic methods, is crucial to prevent adverse outcomes such as root rot. This condition … Read more

Office Blues Begone! Pothos Power: Thrive Under Artificial Lights & Boost Your Mood!

Can Pothos Grow in Office Light? Thriving Greenery for Workspaces

I’ve come to realize that adding a touch of greenery to an office not only livens up the space but can also boost our mood and productivity. In case you were wondering “can pothos grow in office light?”, the answer is resounding yes! Pothos plants, with their attractive trailing vines, are particularly well-suited for office … Read more

How Often to Water Pothos: Secrets to Never Killing Your Plant Again!

Pothos watering

othos plant, the perfect green companion for those of us who are more likely to remember the name of every Game of Thrones character than when we last watered our plants. Fear not, dear plant lovers! This blog post will teach you how to keep your pothos happy and thriving, no matter how many Netflix … Read more

GHome Smart Mini Plug: The Ultimate Game-Changer for Indoor Garden Lighting

GHome Smart Mini Plug: The Ultimate Game-Changer for Indoor Garden Lighting

When you’ve got your hands full tending to your indoor garden, the convenience of a smart plug can’t be overstated. That’s why I’ve recently put the GHome Smart Mini Plug to the test with my grow lights. The JCBritw 90W LED grow lights I own do not have a built-in timer so I needed a … Read more

Mastering Golden Pothos Care: The Ultimate Guide to Thriving Plants

Golden Pothos

So, you’ve just brought home a beautiful Golden Pothos plant, and you’re eager to see it thrive. Worry not! I’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you master the art of Golden Pothos care. From the basics to advanced tips, we’ve got you covered. Key Takeaways Golden Pothos Basics The Golden Pothos, a variety of … Read more

Unraveling the Mystery: Why Does My Pothos Only Have One Vine?

single vined pothos

Ever wonder why your pothos plant seems to be a loner, sticking to just one vine? It’s like a wallflower at a plant prom! But don’t worry, we’re here to play matchmaker and help your pothos mingle. I’ll explore the botanical mysteries behind this “single vine syndrome”, and reveal how to turn your wallflower pothos … Read more

Golden Pothos Winter Care: Tips for Thriving Houseplants

Golden Pothos Winter Care: Tips for Thriving Houseplants

As a lover of indoor plants, I understand the challenge of keeping them healthy through the colder darker months. Golden pothos, with their cascading vines and heart-shaped leaves, are a popular choice for adding a splash of green indoors. When winter arrives, these tropical natives need specific care to maintain their vibrant foliage. They’re not … Read more

Pothos Winter Watering Guide: Essential Tips to Keep Your Devil’s Ivy Healthy in Cold Dark Months

watering pothos winter

Caring for pothos plants during winter requires a special approach, especially when it comes to watering. As someone who adores these hardy, leafy plants, I’ve learned that the cold dark season brings a set of challenges that can impact the health of our indoor green friends. Pothos plants, with their lush vines and heart-shaped leaves, … Read more